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Overnights In Your Home

A Premier Scottsdale Pet Care sitter will come to your home and spend the night with your pets – in the comfort of their own home.  The sitter will be with your animals for approximately 12 hours, providing your pets with food, medication (according to your instructions), and care.

There will be no shortage of love and attention shown to your pet during the stay.  Plus, your mail, newspaper and trash will be handled, just as if you were home.  We will make sure your pet has plenty of fresh water, pick up after your dog in the yard, clean the litter box for your cat, and give you peace of mind knowing your pet is getting the best care possible.

Overnight Rates:

There is an additional $5/visit with $10 maximum/day for holidays.

Contact us today with any questions or to schedule pet care in your home!


Dog Park Trips

A Premier Scottsdale Pet Care sitter will pick up your dogs and transport them to the dog park for a fun time running around and enjoying being off-leash outside.  We will spend one hour at the park and ensure your dogs are watched at all times.  If your dogs like to play fetch, we’ll gladly indulge them.  Dogs will be away from your home for approximately 1.5 hours (depending on the distance from your home to the park.)  Longer trips can also be arranged.

Dog Park Trip Rates:

$30 for the first dog
$15 each for the second and third dogs
There is an additional $5/visit with $10 maximum/day for holidays.
Note: Only three dogs will be taken to the park at a time. This is to ensure that each dog receives plenty of attention.

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Pet Taxi / Hourly Care / Training Assistance

Need to hail a taxi for your pet?  Premier Scottsdale Pet Care will transport your pets to the vet for a checkup, therapy appointment, or in an emergency.  In addition, we can take your pet to the groomer for you and offer day care at our
boarding facility, in the comfort of our sitter’s home in Scottsdale. While at day care or enjoying a special visit, we can help you with any challenges you may be experiencing with your dogs.  We will give you tips on potty training, walking on a leash, common commands, and can help you deal with difficult issues such as separation anxiety and socialization.

Pet Taxi/Hourly Care/Training Assistance Rates:

There is an additional $5/visit with $10 maximum/day for holidays.
Contact us today with any questions or to schedule your specialized care!


Care for Cats and Other Animals (Besides Dogs) 

Think Premier Scottsdale Pet Care only cares for dogs? Think again! We offers services for cats and other animals.  We understand that sometimes cats just like to be left alone and other times they enjoy company.  We will take cues from your pets to know what is needed on each visit and make sure that your cats have plenty of food and fresh water, and we will even scoop the litter box on every visit.  Your cats will enjoy playing with toys, and we will provide treats (if allowed), pet or groom them, and administer medications per your request.  Depending on the length of your time away from home, we will also completely clean the litter box for you.

What other types of pets do we care for? Premier Scottsdale Pet Care offers services to a wide variety of pets, most commonly turtles, frogs, rabbits, birds, hamsters and guinea pigs. For the frogs and turtles, we will provide fresh water and food – whether live crickets, worms, fruits or veggies, or whatever else you request.  We can mist the inside of the terrariums and ensure the lights are working properly.  For your bunnies, we will always give plenty of fresh water, veggies and other food, clean their litter boxes and provide fresh hay.  Have birds that like to talk?  We will talk to them as we clean the cages and provide fresh food and water.  Hamsters will receive clean cages, water and food (commercial and/or fresh veggies, fruit, and greens) and guinea pigs will get personal attention, fresh water, clean cages, and food (commercial and/or fresh greens).

Need care for your larger animals? If you have horses, we can care for them in your absence as well.  Mucking stalls and providing fresh bedding, water, hay and other food, cleaning hooves, brushing, bathing and/or grooming, and exercising are all a part of our horse care.

But why stop there? We are also familiar with caring for ponds.  Although we would not generally come to your home just to look after your pond and aquatic life, it is not unusual for us to have clients with ponds in addition to their other pets.  We can check the water level and temperature, make sure the pump is working, clean out excess algae and debris, feed your fish (if you request), and manage distressed fish.

Cat and Other Pet Care Rates:

 $15 for 15 minutes.
 $20 for 30 minutes.
 $25 for 45 minutes.

$75 for Overnight in Client’s home (approx. 12 hours).

There is an  additional $5/visit with $10 maximum/day for holidays.

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